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I feel like a lil garden


I feel like a lil garden

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Any time someone asks me if “I’m too old for that”, I just direct them to Advanced Style.

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"It’s time to imagine a new poetics of drag, one that rejects audience assumptions of the gendered subjectivity of the performer onstage. I’m not asking drag performers to bear the burden of this labor; instead, I want audiences to rethink their relationship to drag performance and their responsibility as spectators. Let’s celebrate drag as a liberatory mode of being, as conscious of itself as language, rather than a gendered illusion to satiate our desire for entertainment. If we, the audience, interrogate our own expectations of drag, then we’ll recognize when drag finds liberation in the knowledge of its own historical place and potential, rather than glamorous transformation. Chez Deep demands a space for drag’s poetics to be valued as a language of “movement, communication, and chance” and for the celebration of a “being beyond being.” So let’s listen and foster a loving space for a drag that just is."

David Geer in The New Inquiry on Chez Deep, harinef

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I really like this.

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Nashville Part .1
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